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Book Release in the Skillinge Series.

My recently released third novel in the Skillinge series, Foggy Monday, continues to recount the violent events that draw John Simson back to the quiet Swedish coastal village, Skillinge, where he used to live. These fast-paced thrillers should be read in the order they were written: Old Violins, Amnesia and the latest in the series Foggy Monday.

To buy go to amazon.se  and search in Böcker på engelska for Terry Hannington.

The Skillinge series follows John Simson, a sixty-two-year-old Englishman, through a series of violent events that start with an impromptu trip to Paris. John was apprehensive about the coming cold and dark Swedish winter. His wife had died six months earlier. He had modest savings, but it was too early for him to take his pension. He spoke Swedish like a five-year-old. The future did not look bright for John. His trip to Paris will change all that, but for the worse.

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