I was born in England in Whittlesey, a small town in the English fens. I trained as photographer and worked as such for a few years. I became disillusioned with the amount of  influence a photographer had so I decided to move into marketing. At the peak of my career I was the Vice President of Marketing for Olivetti based in Ivrea Italy. I also worked for some years in Paris and Stockholm where I met and married a Swedish lady. We moved to our summer house in Skillinge, Österlen, to live permanently in 2001. I ran a consultancy, wrote some books and then decided on a career change so I trained to be a nurse and worked in a local old people’s home.

In my retirement I have divorced, remarried, returned to photography, continue to write and have also started to play golf badly.

“We all have ideas and want to express them. The trick is to do so in a way that is engaging and entertaining. That is not always an easy objective to realise. This web site expresses my ideas. Whether the site is entertaining is of course for you to decide. Below are some links to my photographs, bloggs and books.”

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