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Signature, published 1st May 2024 is my latest novel.

It is a compelling narrative that delves into the early life of a young woman, Signe, who was orphaned at age three. A love of Karate becomes a driving force in the pursuit of her dreams, but it also leads her to take some dangerous risks. The story is set in Ystad. Signature is a change of pace from my earlier work.

I published an adventure novel, “Old Violins”, in 2019. I was not happy with it, so I  edited and extended it. The revised version is now available. In 2022, I extended the Skillinge series with, “Amnesia”, 2023 “Foggy Monday” and in 2024 “Retribution”

The novels begin and end in Skillinge. The main character, John Simson, is bravely but perhaps foolishly involved in a violent incident in Paris that disastrously follows him back to his quiet coastal village.

The four books in the Skillinge series follow one another, so to get the most from them, you need to read them in the order they were written.

To buy your copies, go to Amazon.se and search in English Language books for Terry Hannington.

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In 2004 I wrote a marketing textbook which was Published by Gower. It is no longer in print.


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