Båstad Trip Report
2020-08-18 – 20

We drove from Skillinge to Helsingbourg via Lund and the E6. We left the motorway and followed signs for the ferry in the centre of Helsingbourg and then north along the coast north via Hittarp, Domsten, Höganas, Strandbaden to Mölle where we had lunch. We consumed a couple of supposed Toast Skagens and alcohol free beer whilst watching life in the harbour. There was no wind and two ladies who had hired a canoe glided out of the harbour over glassy water.

Then we drove to kullaberg lighthouse where Mia had recently stayed. We took a walk and an ice cream. The next stop was my expected high point of the trip. Lars Vilks has constructed Nimis “too much” in Kullabergs nature reserve. He begun to build it in 1980 quite illegally and is has been a tourist attraction ever since. It is a hell of a climb down and for us there was a heavy atmosphere and thunder in the distance to add spice. The wooden tower and bridge construction with crisscrossed pieces of driftwood was impressive. The thunder and the thought of the climb back meant we did not spend a long time there.

We stayed near Nimis in the Arild vinery hotel. We had a room with a sloping ceiling and a little balcony. Dinner was good and the wine acceptable but the restaurant patio area was worn and an amateurish construction.
We slept quite well and the next day we drove down to Arild’s small harbour where we saw a boat with two fishermen out at sea. We then followed the coast as closely as was possible via Skäret, Svarnshall and Anglehölm for coffee and a walk.

 Mangnarp och Vejbystrand then followed. Anna had worked in a summer camp here in her youth and we found the building which looked almost unchanged after 40 years. Segelstorps Strand was where our friend Ingrid had spent time in her youth so we could not leave out a trip to the beach from our itinerary.

Then we drove to Törekov which is full of well-tended houses which seemed quite empty. The next stop was Hovs Haller where we parked beside a big hotel and took a walk.

Kattvik was our next stop and Anna bathed from the harbour pier and then on to Båstad Harbour. It was a very still day and the reflections of the sky, boats and huts in the harbour were beautiful. In the middle of Båstad there is a tennis court and fixed arena seating which was unusual testimony to the towns claim to fame which had unfortunately been cancelled this year. In the late afternoon it rained while we rested in our room. 

We walked down to the harbour via Malenshavsbad a path bounded on one side by the sea and the other by large well-tended houses. Moule mariniere was consumed with a fine view of the harbour.

Our hotel Pensionat Enehall was an old fashioned hotel full of Danish pensioner golfers. The room was adequate with a Swedish summerhouse feel and two single beds.

Next day we dropped in to Willab to buy insulation material for winter in the greenhouse. They also promised to send us a rubber strip that keeps coming loose. On the drive back to Skillinge Skäralid a Söderåsens National Park. We took a 4 kilometre walk which was up a river valley. The last kilometre was a quite steep climb. For lunch we ate a korv at Hardies korvkisk in Höör and then home.