Gudhjem Bornholm

Wednesday 14th: The ferry for Rönne left 10 minutes early. When we were 20 minutes out from Ystad we had a possible explanation, fog. The visibility was nil and the Captain used his fog horn with insistant regularity. High above us the sun was only vaguely visible. The Danish travellers are disciplined with mask use. The coffee queue was 100% bemasked. The sun broke through before Bornholm and we returned to normal speed over a calm sea.

We took the southern coast road to Nexo to buy a teapot and then on to Gudhjem. Jantzens hotel is a familiar friend. Gudhjem is crowded and warm. A few IPA’s slipped down easily accompanied by smörrebröd in Cafe Klint.

Anna bathed in Norresand harbour and declared it to be refreshing.

Provianten, a bar in the harbour, had good music so we decided to linger and enjoy its Tapas like menu and excellent wine selection. After an espresso we retreated to bed tired and satisfied.

Thursday 15th: Anna took an early morning swim after which we ate an excellent breakfast in the garden. It is cloudy right now but still a comfortable 22 degrees. We took a stroll to the beach a kilometer south. We laid on a deserted beach and watched the Swallows performing acrobatics over us. The walk back to Jantzens left us both sweaty so we swam in Norresand harbour. Lunch was a fish buffet. We found a table outside without a parasol when it began to rain, we were forced inside. We observed the Danish good manners. Almost everyonel used the alcohol hand wash and some plastic gloves before the buffet. 

Dinner was at Provianten with good music in the open air. An English speaking young lady was way too loud shouting to a friend. I was forced to remind her with an authorative tone that we were not deaf which had a remarkably calming affect on her. The day ended watching the sun go down.

Friday 16th: Breakfast in the garden after which Anna joined the choir to sing the Christianso boat on its way. For the last ten years a choir has sung for the boat when it leaves at 10:00 full of tourists. We then drove to Olsken to look at a church, ate lunch in Allinge harbour and then on to the interesting small harbour at Arnager. The sea was full of Algea and looked more like fish soup. The ferry home was slightly delayed, full of children, noisy and quite scary. I hope my Astra jab lives up to its reputation. Now we are back to a balmy Skillinge.